Wallet X

  • App UX Design

  • Project Date

    February 2024

Client: Motion Recruitment Company

Project: Wallet X App


The UX design project, which consists of the design of a virtual finance system, is a short-term project that required me to deliver this project in two days, as requested by my clients on delivery.

The Customer

Wallet X is a digital finance platform that allows people to make day-to-day transactions just like every other bank, from transferring money to paying bills.

Problem to Solve

Design the key features of the app screen and make it look simple
and unique as well so it can attract individuals. Propose a color scheme and every other key feature related to it.

Design Process

  1. Briefing (customer request)
  2. UX Research Methodologies
  3. Market Research
  4. Mood board
  5. Wireframing
    • High-fidelity wireframe
    • Prototyping


Mood Board


Implemented Tools

  1. Figma
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe Illustrator
  4. SF Symbols

Key Visuals & Design Decisions

In this UX design work, I focused on the user. I worked on the accessibility
and usability of the application. Improving the contrast in terms of colors
and adding a simple main menu with icons in each menu for easy navigation and understanding of where each menu item takes them.

Color Psychology Implemented

As a UX/UI designer, choosing colors for a wallet transaction app involves considering both usability and psychological impact. Here are three colors related to payments, money, and the psychology associated with them:

Color Blue
Is often associated with trust, reliability, and professionalism. It conveys
a sense of security and stability, making it suitable for financial applications. Blue also promotes feelings of calm and confidence, which are essential when dealing with monetary transactions.

Color Green 
Commonly associated with prosperity, growth, and wealth. It symbolizes financial stability, success, and positive monetary transactions. In the context of a wallet transaction app, green can evoke feelings of trust, security,
and financial well-being.

Color Gold / Yellow
Associated with wealth, prosperity, and optimism. It symbolizes abundance and success, making it an ideal color for financial applications. Gold evokes feelings of luxury and exclusivity, increasing the perceived value
of transactions and investments.

Color Palette

Visual Design

Validate Code
Registration Microinteraction
Biometric Login
Payment History
Send Payment
Micro-interactions Payment Sent 
Statistics Main Screen
Statistics by Week
Statistics per Week, Donut Chart


My greatest satisfaction came when I was informed that my proposal had been accepted by the client. This was an atypical project, as it was a bit
of a rush due to the speed at which I had to solve the problem. In just two days, I was able to improve the accessibility and usability of the application.

It is gratifying to know that my ability to improve the user experience and make changes to the user interface was tested in such a short time, even though it was focused on the user experience. This is further proof that I am capable of providing satisfactory solutions to somewhat complex problems.