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A little story

I was raised in Azua de Compostela, a town in the southwest of the Dominican Republic, where my mind was awakened at a very young age by the fascination of knowing the inner workings of household appliances such as televisions, walkmans, and fans.

My curiosity led me to disassemble some of these devices to discover what was inside, and in truth, my first attempts at investigation often caused damage to the devices.

However, my love of learning and repair persisted, and I soon gained a deeper understanding of how these appliances worked and even managed to improve some of them. Through this process, I developed a natural inclination to seek solutions to specific problems and investigate them
with empathy, something that I enjoy.

Beyond my professional activities, I am also a lover of domestic tourism,
and I explore my country whenever I can to get to know and have a deeper appreciation of my culture and to better understand the diverse perspectives of my fellow citizens. In my free time, I enjoy good music, and I like
to experiment with new experiences, which I share with my best friends.

As a UX, UI, and logo designer, I have honed my skills in the design process, cultivating an understanding of user and customer needs and emotions.

Empathic understanding allows me to offer satisfying solutions, and I am always looking for new challenges and opportunities to advance my career as a UX/UI designer. With my experience and knowledge, I am an ideal candidate for any organization looking to improve its user experience
and interface to the next level.

Why am I a Great Fit?

While I might not be the loudest voice in the room, my strengths lie
in meticulous organization, adaptability, and a collaborative spirit.

Here’s what makes me a valuable asset to your team:

Organized Workflow: I thrive on clear processes and structure. This ensures projects stay on track, deadlines are met, and all design elements remain consistent.

Adaptable Approach: New tools, methodologies, or unexpected challenges? No problem! I’m a quick learner who can seamlessly integrate into your existing workflow, regardless of the system you use.

Collaborative Spirit: I believe in the power of teamwork. I actively listen
to diverse perspectives, ask clarifying questions, and contribute ideas that support the overall success of the project.

Reliable Delivery: Meeting deadlines is a priority. I manage my time effectively and communicate any potential roadblocks proactively. You can depend on me to deliver high-quality work on time, every time.

Although I may be introverted, my focus and dedication to high-quality work speak volumes.

Let’s discuss how I can contribute to your UX/UI design needs!


I can say I’m quite good at it

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign
Logo Design

Designing History

User Experience and User Interface Designer
October 2022–Present
Santo Domingo, National District, Dominican Republic. 


Constant Contact 
User Experience and User Interface Designer
February 2022–October 2022

Newtech Global
October 2021–October 2022
Through Newtech Global, I worked for its Client Constant Contact.
Santo Domingo, National District, Dominican Republic. 


Oviena Consulting
User Interface Designer (Freelancer)
November 2018–June 2020
Santo Domingo, National District, Dominican Republic. 



User Interface Designer
July 2017–November 2018
Santo Domingo, National District, Dominican Republic.

Education and Certification

Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design
Universidad Autónoma de Santo Domingo, “UASD


  • UX Design & Interaction Design, Domestika – 2021
  • English C1, European Academy – 2021
  • Web Design, Teknowlogic, and – 2012
  • Adobe Illustrator CS3, VAR MIDIA, S.A. – 2007