• App & Landing Page Design

  • Project Date

    March 2021


Project: App & Landing Page Design

Client Requirement

The client needed the design of an app as well as a landing page to promote the app with a modern and minimalist design that exceeded its expectations.

Problem to Solve

Propose a design based on the sketches made by hand by the client
of the screens that he considered to be the most important and included
or suggest others that he could suggest for a good operation and a good user experience.

The designs must be focused on different physical activities as well as,
for promotional purposes, internal communication between the user
and the trainer.

The user had to be able to schedule appointments, complete challenges
and share the same challenges on social media.

Through the app and the landing page, the services of a personal trainer
are offered who travels directly to the client’s home to professionally assist the user with physical exercise routines that have effective results within
a period recommended by the trainer.

It is a perfect option for those who, due to their daily activities, have a very limited time to go to a gym.

Target: Users from 18 to 55 years old or more.

Project Goals

Facilitate requests in an easy and intuitive way for a personal trainer.
The client shared with me a brief and some lo-fi wireframes made by him. My challenge was to improve the UX by adhering to the client’s requirements and guiding me from the brief to facilitate the UI design
and usability of the mobile application.

Thanks to the wireframes and the brief, it was much easier to understand how the user journey should be designed so that users could easily interact with the app and the landing page. I suggested some recommendations, such as missing screens, that were necessary to improve the security
and usability of the app, which was very well accepted by my client.

Implemented Tools

  1. Figma
  2. Adobe Photoshop
  3. Adobe Illustrator

Design Process

  1. Briefing Session: (Problem to solve – UX Process)
  2. Mood Board
  3. Visual Design

Briefing Session

I made a concentrated summary of all the information provided by the client in order to better organize the project and have control over what should
be done and what was already done.

Visual Design

My Experience

It is proudly my first project as a freelance Freelance UI / UX Designer.
In this project, I implemented all my skills and acquired experiences
to deliver quality work.

The Outcome

I delivered a Landing page and a mobile application with a minimalist, simple, modern, and intuitive design. I got a good acceptance from my client. Freelancer Design