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Client: DigiPlay

Project: Website Design


This project was a bit different from the ones I usually work on. As a permanent employee of the RUBYCOM agency, I was only assigned to design the Home, Products, and Services sections. In the two sections I had intended, the developer was responsible for developing the entire website, guided by the design style applied to those two sections.

The Customer

DigiPlay is a company that works with leaders in the gaming industry. Their products include services for individual operators and solutions for gaming venues looking to expand their content and experience offerings. They have a variety of games, from instant lottery to exclusive virtual football, greyhound racing, horse racing, real fighting, motorcycles, karts, and classic roulette.

Problem to Solve

Design the main features of the Home, Products, and Services sections, which had to be attractive, simple, and unique to attract the attention of users who could participate in the company’s various lines of skill games.

Target: Adults ages 18 to 65 regularly bet on sports and play bingo and the lottery.

Design Process

  1. Briefing (customer request)
  2. Market Research
  3. Visual Design

Implemented Tools

  1. Adobe Photoshop
  2. Adobe Illustrator

Key Visuals & Design Decisions

This was my first project in which I started implementing the die-cut style of images that jumped off the screen, giving the visual feeling that the elements were coming out of some part of the website.


The project manager and the RUBYCOM client approved the design immediately after it was shown to them for the first time. Previously, the company’s website had not been designed in such a style, which allowed me to gain respect and admiration from my colleagues.