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    January 2023

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Client: A Fiverr Customer

Project: Logo Redesign

Customer Overview

Bright Nite is a professional flashlight and accessory specialist store
in North Geelong, Victoria, Australia. Bright Nite is owned and operated
by Elite Outdoor Gear Pty Ltd (EOG) established in 2011, ABN. 60152279662 ACN. 152279662.

They stock all the products advertised on their site. Bright Nite provides
a one-stop shop for their customers’ professional torch needs.

Client Requirement

Hi! We’ve just purchased the company Bright Nite and will be updating the website and branding. We also own LED Torch Shop and sell the same products – flashlights and headlamps.

For the new Bright Nite logo we’re looking for an evolution of the design and not a whole new concept. Perhaps something that indicates we sell flashlights and headlamps would be good. We plan to position LED Torch Shop as more of a premium brand while Bright Nite will be more about discounts and dynamic content/deals.

Examples of these types of discount-focused or dynamic content/deals websites are:

Previous Logo

Problem to Solve

Create the evolution of the previous logo, respecting the style and focusing on representing the sale of flashlights and headlamps. This redesign must have the same typographic family and be simplified in terms of colors
or effects.

Before and After

Project Goals

For me, it was quite a challenge to be able to integrate a representative element that was in accordance with the client’s requirements in terms
of the sale of flashlights and headlamps. I did market research to be able
to feed back my creativity and thus be able to make a minimalist and creative logo.

I explored the client’s website to see what product I could take and then vectorize and integrate it with the logo. I found the Thrunite TN42 1550m Searchlight, which was ideal to integrate under the concept of “negative space” in the logo.

The Fiverr customer was very happy with the proposals presented,
and in fact, he is for me one of the best clients with whom I have worked
and collaborated because he has a great personality with a very good vibe.

Thrunite TN42 1550m Searchlight

Implemented Tools

  1. Adobe illustrator
  2. Adobe Photoshop

Design Process

  1. Market Research
  2. Font Search
  3. Font Combination
  4. Vectorization of Elements and Isotype
  5. Combination of Fonts and Graphic Elements
  6. Black and white and full-color proofs
  7. Proposal Selection
  8. Realization of Mockup for Presentation

Market Research

Part of my exploration was initiated by Fiverr customer-supplied websites. Then I did a search for a logo related to the concept of light. I found several very creative options that helped me create the integration of the Thrunite TN42 1550m Searchlight into the logo.

Favicon Design

Initially, the design of a favicon was not contemplated. Then the Fiverr customer contacted me again for a new request, which was easy because
he himself shared the idea of what he needed for the favicon. Basically,
it was to use the Thrunite TN42 1550m Searchlight between the initial letters BN of Bright Nite to obtain the desired result for my client.